Regal Homes LI has established a structured approach – from the planning phase through to the completion of your project.

Project Review
We begin by meeting with clients to develop an understanding of their vision. As the key resource for our customers – whether they need us to recommend an architect, or if they already have one – we work together on the overall scope of the project. We review the functional and spatial requirements, and collaborate with the architect to fine-tune the exterior design and interior layout.

Material Selection
We hold a meeting dedicated to the selection of interior and exterior materials needed to complete the project.

We prepare a preliminary budget that will include all the anticipated relevant expenses, based on the conceptual plans and client’s selections.

Construction Documents
Construction documents will be prepared by the architect for the purpose of obtaining a building permit and construction contract. These drawings include the plans, sections, elevations and details required to complete the proposed work. Once these are approved and finalized, the budget will be adjusted accordingly, if necessary.

Design Conferences
Regal Homes conducts meetings with the architect and the suppliers to ensure conformity with the owners’ requested specifications.

Scope of Work / Timeline
Regal Homes provides our clients with leading-edge Construction Management Software, a convenient user-friendly interface, making it easy to communicate with our team, provide consents, and make decisions throughout the project. This app can be downloaded to a phone or a laptop; it provides a detailed timeline highlighting all relevant dates on the construction schedule, keeping clients informed every step of the way. It enables viewing and approval of all materials as the work progresses. Regal Homes manages and monitors every aspect of the construction and arranges for all the necessary inspections to be completed, ensuring timely delivery of the Certificate of Occupancy upon completion of the project.